The Certificate of Report for Industrial Design Company Of Studio CISO has been issued

15 Jul 2020

Studio CISO has been registered for certification in the field of environmental design among the industrial design companies of the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.
Studio CISO is a company with both certification(a full member of Korean Society for Interior Architects/Designers, an industrial design company).
 Processing with a company which has professional licenses of design and construction can reduce disputes related space. Please remember that the separate order of design and construction enables reasonable construction expenditure and allows us to live in a more upgraded space.

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"STUDIO CISO is a Creative Innovative Space design Organization"

STUDIO CISO is an organic design organization that was made by designers after getting together, and is separating designs and construction by selecting professional construction partners which can implement designs effectively, and is making our identity with competiveness centering on designs.

#323 A14, 3F, DMC Hi-tech Industry Center-C, 1580, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea