An organization solely united for design, dreaming to create a design that does not exist in the world.


DIC is a design cooperative association created by young design companies that lead the field of design including space, visual and product designs.


Members of DIC (Design I COOP) actively participate in their individual professional field and share their experiences and know-how. This enables DIC to suggest and provide a new way to achieve future-oriented design management. The convergent design synergy of design companies will produce higher level of designs distinguished from the temporary design.


DIC is making various plans for global market entry. DIC is creating the potentiality of convergent design including space, visual and product designs by complementing the strength of DIC and by taking the lead in Southeast Asia.

From the beginning to the end of a design is taken care of by a design project manager!


At DIC, design project managers take exclusive responsibility for all phases of projects which enables DIC to maintain and manage all projects smoothly.


DIC can produce the best design outcome through design network establishment in different fields such as space, visual, product development, children education contents planning and design consulting, and also through cooperation based on design capabilities of individual design company.


DIC is composed of design companies that have been recognized as design leaders of future generation by Seoul Design Foundation. It is an organization that possesses professional designers with over 15 years of experience. DIC always strives to produce designs customized for clients with highest quality by dividing the roles in planning, design, development and production.


Dain Engineering is an architect designing company specializing in the architectural design, construction supervision and construction project management.
With experiences and know-how from past years in the business, we pride ourselves in eco-friendly and low-cost architectural structures with harmonious beauty as well as being functional.

1. Architecture Design
Talents in Dain Engineering have remarkable experiences in Korea and overseas. They design by requirements of the building owner through researches for each design stages and communications with the building owners.

2. Construction Supervisor
In order to achieve the V.E(Value Engineering) by thorough reviews of design literatures and the analysis of construction workability, we are doing the best for the cost reduction and the best quality  through the advanced QA and strict safety management regarding the appropriateness of materials used, process control, construction guidelines, and construction confirmation.  

3. Construction Management
The construction management is done throughout the planning, feasibility study, business analysis, design, procurement, contracting, construction, evaluation and follow-up. In its entirety or in part, an agent in place provides the integrated management to minimize the construction cost, construction period and related risks for improved quality and increased profit of all participants in the construction including the client. 


We are a reliable partner with the best knowledge on clients. We have the creativeness and acute determination to raise the business brand value for our clients.
The 21st Century is the era of design. The VANKOART provides competitiveness to our clients with strategic planning and design reflecting clients' unique identity and needs. Most of clients are impressed with our sensible designs and its innovative values. The VANKOART will be your partner in success.

1. Innovative design with imagination and creativity!
VANKOART pays constant attention to exert unique creativeness. We promise to provide you with unique design expressing your intentions using our abundant design knowledge and know-how.

2. Top priority on concepts and ideas
VANKOART considers the concept to be the most important element. Experts in each field will provide customized service and marketing to clients as well as analyzing the popular trends and corporate identity.

3. VANKOART wants to make a viable and creative advertisements. 
We may see and hear the same things but have different thoughts on them. We ant to make vital advertisement that acts as a contact point with the amazing creativeness and clients to move the consumers.


Idea Kids?
Idea Kids is a design specialist to research, develop and distribute children's design educational contents. We specialize in planning, operation and consulting on children's design educational products and programs, and experience exhibitions for children as well as young adolescents and adults to easily utilize.

Developing creativity, problem-solving ability and integration ability in children provides opportunity for them to grow into future talents and helps them to achieve their dreams through healthy and wise lives.

We think 'all children are designers.' In this children's design education industry, we would like to provide an environment for children to grow into creative talents and lead the future of our country.


Sejin Trading?
Sejin Trading is a design developing specialist of stationery, gifts, writing instruments, packages and writing instrument moldings. Based on design trend, market and client needs data, we develop, manufacture and provide consulting on innovative products for clients to succeed in the market. Design and product development are done in reasonable cost based on various product developments.

We have developed a variety of products for Barunson, Lilfant, Kakao Friends and national Museum Cultural Foundation. We also export various stationery with Korean designs to Thailand.

Sejin Trading will continue to develop design products until the Korean stationery is the best in the world market.

"STUDIO CISO is a Creative Innovative Space design Organization"

STUDIO CISO is an organic design organization that was made by designers after getting together, and is separating designs and construction by selecting professional construction partners which can implement designs effectively, and is making our identity with competiveness centering on designs.

#323 A14, 3F, DMC Hi-tech Industry Center-C, 1580, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea